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    Texture Painting Course

    A comprehensive innovative decorative painting program for students to learn how to paint professional designs for the fashion, interior design, craft and souvenir industries. Our teaching format is primarily video based allowing students to watch actual painting technique being demonstrated.

    The Art of Painting With Texture-  Course Requirements:

    • You do not need to have art or painting experience
    • All students will require a digital camera or a cell phone with upload capabilities
    • You will need to have a computer with internet access (high speed preferred for viewing videos)
    • You will require an email address
    • You will require your student kit (Cost varies depending on the country you are purchasing in $US $130.00-$300.00.)

    Skill Development

    You will learn:

    • How to paint with texture using my simple fabric painting techniques…
    • How to create your design from start to finish…
    • How to protect your paints from washing off the fabric…
    • How to tye dye in half the time without boiling water…
    • To paint market-ready products…
    • Painting tips for gorgeous flowers and leaves like you’ve always wanted to paint…
    • Create knock-out tee-shirts with amazing textured designs…
    • Simple keys to embellishing designs with gems & more!…
    • How to paint fabulous designer shoes!…
    • How to paint boutique-inspired purses…
    • How to paint Teri Monique styled Handbags…
    • How to paint silk-like designs without the silk paints…
    • How to create fabulous textured backgrounds…
    • Tips on how to design stunning art clothing…
    • How to burnish designs for an old world look…

    Garment Painting

    In addition to your artistic skill development, you will be taught how to:

    • Paint designs for various industries (fashion, interior design, craft & souvenir)
    • Create fabric yardage
    • Place designs on multiple surfaces
    • Organize your design studio
    • Set up basic product photography
    • Create a portfolio
    • Set up a website

    After you have completed and submitted all of your assignments a Certificate of Completion issued at the end of the course.

    Course Fee $299.00

    Register Here

    For more information contact us here.



    • Mrs. Bethel is passionate about what she teaches and the end results. Her patience and willingness to impart her knowledge and skills to others is highly commendable by me and I will encourage as many persons whom I meet to enroll in the Texture Painting class by Mrs. Teri Bethel. Mrs. Ellen Henfield (Student & Home Econ. Teacher)
    • Mrs. Bethel is very competent in transmitting her skills. She is innovative and energetic with a contagious personality which inspires you to strive for excellence at your individual capacity. Mrs. Andrea Carey (Student & Sr. Education Officer)
    • I am writing you this letter to give you an update on what I have done with what I have learnt from the class. So far I have used the dyeing technique with the students at the Royal Bahamas Police Camp at the North Eleuthera High School the kids loved it. You should have seen the smiles on their faces when the T-shirts were dried and they took the rubber bands off. They were so amazed. Ms. Charlene Kelly (Student & Art Teacher)

    Sherell WallaceTestimonial:  Mrs. Bethel; your class was amazing! I took so much from it. Your spirit and guidance was an important tool in keeping us motivated. I’m so grateful. Please don’t cringe when you see my black/ dark colored implications in my artwork; you did encourage us to express ourselves. S. Wallace (Enchantment Boutique, Eleuthera)

    Instructor's note: Design student owns and operates a gift store in the Bahamas. She took the class to expand her offering to her clients. Now in addition to the craft items, Sherelle is able to offer clients painted garments, shoes and paintings on indigenous materials.

    Testimonial: Class was great. I enjoyed it very much. I learnt so many new things that I know I will use in the future.  Thank you. J. Carey

    Instructor's note: Student is currently enrolled in High School. She paints on a variety of surfaces but specializes in painting tee shirts and selling them at craft shows.

Sarah handcrafted handbag

TMDS offers professional training in handcrafted purse design. Our professional design course share simple step-by-step concepts to teach you how to make a Teri Monique styled designer handbag from scratch. Classes include making: Clutch Purses, Tote Bags, Structured Handbags and as a bonus, our optional Straw Bags.

TMDS classes are designed for students to receive the maximum benefits in a minimum time. Student receives training to take skills, grades and products to a new level.

Courses are presented in tutorials & streaming video format & are available to the students 24/7.  A course Certificate of Completion is issued at the end of the course.

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